02/28/2023: i have like 3 missing assignments in world history rn and i literally dont even know what they ARE i feel insane but i need to figure it out i guess.. im in english class as of this moment and i hate this teacher Sooo much oh my gosh. i need to take a quiz i "missed" (i dont have a single missing day this semester. when did i even miss it.????) also after school today i have a dentist appt so im gonna be sad and uncomfortable all night Lololol itll be so great (stares. no it wont.) on the bright side of things i started making my morning skincare routine match my nighttime one and my skin is looking sooo good?? bitches were lying when they said you cant have them be the same.

03/01/2023: today was a 2 hour late start for school which was so nice omg. i actually felt alive so i got ready way faster than normal and had time to make a nice breakfast. i already drink matcha every morning and when i walked into school my friend gave me a monster bc she doesnt like the flavor (pipeline punch) so now i have like. Way more caffeine than normal but its cool not complaining.. my english teacher for sure will complain about it to me like "oh caffeines a dangerous drug and you cant be drinking energy drinks" but idrc lol i almost never drink monster. also also the dentist yesterday went fine except i COULDNT BLINK my left eye afterwards and all night until i woke up this morning. and im reading violence jack finally the only thing good about it is mido and mondo oh my gosh i love them. everything else in that manga can die and i hope go nagai does soon.

big fan of this song rn tbh. and cascada in general